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Sisterlocks: My Spring / Summer Products And Regimen

Hey guys! These are the products I use in the spring and summer to keep my hair clean supple and moisturized.
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Sisterlocks Update 2 years Locked

My 24 months sisterlock update, lock hair,twist, dreadlocks, locked, braids, natural hair is beautiful.

Sisterlocks ReTightening Frustration

So this was made in July right before I moved to Wyoming and after the retightening class. I just needed to vent and wanted to show you guys a down moment in…

Sisterlocks Updates/Oliver

Here’s an update on my Sisterlocks . Be sure to comment, rate and subscribe. Follow Me, I’m on twitter and Instagram Brittania718.

Sisterlocks 2 Month Update

Today is July 2, 2011 and I’ve been locked for 2 months now. I’m really enjoying my sisterlocks. My retight only took a little over 2 hours. If you have any …
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Sisterlocks Mini Styling Showcase

Here are some highlights from our 2009 Homecoming celebration, sharing styling ideas for short, medium and long Sisterlocks. Enjoy!

New sisterlocks its official

New sisterlocks its official

Wow, The time has finally come.On July 3rd 2013 I got my sisterlocks…yae. On this video I look like Coolio.Ha ha.. My sisterlocks have parts because I usua…
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VLog #3: Why I wish I never dyed my Sisterlocks

I coloured my Sisterlocks twice: first time approx Nov 2009 and the last time Jan 2011. In this video I share my experience of dying my locks and why I wishe…
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Sisterlocks Progress

These are pictures of my hair in various stages of the sisterlock journey.

Sisterlocks Locking Process Phase 4 Mature/ Contracting #64

Natural Hair Stylist UK Based SisterlocksĀ® Qualified. Stay Connected… For Interaction: Fan Page: http://www.facebook….
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