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pipe cleaners

thanks phylis johnson, the videolocktician.
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Pipe Cleaner bangs Parl 2

Part 2 of pipe cleaner bangs, kept together and just pinned up No setting gel, water only, and set for 24 hours. They are 3 years old sisterlocks,
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Loc Vid: Pipe Cleaner Curls/ACV Rinse Review

Who doesn’t love tutorials

This video is showing my results from my first time using pipe cleaners to curl my locs. I also talk about ACV rinses. Below are the tutorials I mentioned in…
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Loc Tutorial: How to remove pipe cleaners and create shirley temple curls.

Who doesn’t love tutorials

Empress Tiffany struggles to take out Pipe Cleaner curls.

Sisterlocks pipe cleaner bangs Part 1

Tutorials can be so helpful

Sisterlocks pipe cleaner  bangs Part 1

This is pipe cleaners just in the front for bangs, I put about three to six locks on 1 pipe cleaner, set with water only. Over night drying. There is a part …
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loc tutorial part 2 pipe cleaner curls

Who doesn’t love tutorials

These are my favorite curls. I have used rollers loc loops as well as braid outs. Actually I love a braid out but I noticed a dirrerence in my dreads when I …

Sister locks with pipe cleaner curls

I love tutorials

Pipe cleaner curls is one of many ways to style your sisterlocks.

How to Spiral Curl and Style Dreadlocks Sisterlocks Locs & Locks Using Pipe Cleaners

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial Have “SpringLocks” all year long with this innovative styling technique for dreadlocks dreads locs sisterlock…

Loc Hairstyle Tutorial: Pipe Cleaner Curls

I love tutorials

Step by step instructions for beautiful pipe cleaner curls!!!
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Pipe Cleaner Curl Update ~ and ~ Updo Loc Tutorial

Who doesn’t love tutorials

3 Week Pipe Cleaner Curl Update Updo Hair Tutorial (style from previous video)
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