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Loc Installation Complete

6 hours later… A Lioness is Born!! Please check out for more styles.
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Sisterlock video blog: Installation finally finished !!!

I’m grateful for tutorials

Microlock Installation

Today is the first day of freedom, March 15, 2012! After two years of being natural, I have decided to lock my hair. Join me on this journey!
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Pre-Test Locks & Sister Locks Installation – Update on Hair Cut

This video is pre-test locks and sister locks installation . In this video I explain how I cut my hair from 10 inches to 8 inches to save on cost.
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Sisterlock Installation /test locks

My initial sisterlock consultation was done by a lovely lady named Joy in the suburbs of Philadelphia.She installed 3 test locks which will stay in until I g…
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Sisterlocks Installation Complete

This is actually the day after my sisterlocks were complete. My consultant did a roller set with lock loops and flex rods. I went to bed and pulled the curls…
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My Sisterlock Journey – Installation Part 2 (birthday)

finished product.

Sisterlocks Consultant UK: Installation Lock Thinness Worry & Lock Frizz / Fluff / Fur #101

How do you feel about your newly installed locks & your locks’ fuzz? Natural Hair Stylist UK Based SisterlocksĀ® Trained. Stay Connected… For Interaction: h…

Sisterlock installation day

Sisterlock installation day

Rush job updo.

My Sisterlock Journey_The Installation pt. 2

My Sisterlock Journey_The Installation pt. 2

Come along with me as I take this journey into my natural hair. Throwing away the combs, the brushes, the chemicals, and the unnecessary hair care products t…
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