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From Sisterlocks to Dreadlocks Part I

This a vid that discusses my transition from having Sisterlocks to Dreadlocks and my observations throughout my locking process. This is Part I of 2 parts si…
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Customer Flew in from D.C to Combine and Lenghten Sisterlocks

Customer Flew in from D.C to Combine and Lenghten Sisterlocks

Combining & Lentghening Sisterlocks by SaBrina 323-937-8825.
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Sisterlocks Thelocstar installs from $375

Thelocstar of Durham, NC, Specializing in Sisterlocks, Traditional Locs & More is offering Sisterlocks starting from 5, Contact me at http://thelocstar.we…
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From Hair to Bare – How I lost all my hair to Alopecia 07b

This is the same content as the video 07 – but I had to upload it again as the original version was blocked in some countries. It has been 3 years since I be…

Customer Flew in from D.C..Combining & Lentghening Sisterlocks

Combining & Lentghening Sisterlocks by SaBrina Fisher Reece the Famous Braid Queen SaBrina.
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From sisterlocks, to FULL FRO

Youtube is usually a good place to find hairstyles for sisterlocks. Watch this tutorial

This is collage of the different styles that I’ve been wearing since combing out my sisterlocks that I had for about 7 years now. In these pictures, I still …

My Sisterlocks 2 years 1 month Retightning from 1 1/2 of Hair, SUBSCRIBE! Hey its me again and here is a video of my hair after my retightning done by completely by Rosalee in Marietta GA…
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Tina’s Consultation – From Wig To Sisterlocks Part 1 of 2 Fun footage during Tina’s Sisterlocks consultation. She reveals why she must forgo the wigs for sexier healthier locs. Phyllis Joh…

Loc style from mylocbox

Who doesn’t love tutorials

Two large rolls in the front tied together in a pony in the back. Fish-tail braided the ponytail (with large sections) and tucked the end under to make a sli…
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Makeup Tut: (Request) From My Flat twist…Finally Vid.

Tutorials can be so helpful

This is the look I was wearing in my Flat twist…finally video. This look was very inexpensive. I used both of my Coastal Scents palettes; the 42 Color Matt…
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