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Roni Rasheedah Flat Irons Sisterlocks pt 1

Natural Hair Stylist/Sisterlocks Consultant Roni Rasheedah flat irons her locks at the shop in Duluth. See the finished product…
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Flat Twist Goddess Ball Loc Tutorial

I love tutorials

Flat Twist Goddess Ball Loc Tutorial

Loc tutorial on a formal or simi formal updo.
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Wearing out my Sisterlocks …just flat ironed ….

Here’s another tutorial

Results …..flat ironed.

Unisex Flat Twist Dreadlock Hair Style Tutorial.wmv

I’m grateful for tutorials

Unisex Flat Twist Dreadlock Hair Style Tutorial – It’s quick and easy for those who don’t really have the time to re-twist your lovely dreadlocks or get it d…
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Loc Journal “Flat Twist Style”

I love tutorials

My second entry into my loc journal is my first real attempt at doing a flat twist bun with a fall to the side. I’m getting better at it…

loc Flat Twist tutorial

Youtube is usually a good place to find hairstyles for sisterlocks. Watch this tutorial

my favorite hair style tutorial. any questions or comments would be mush appreciated. rate, comment, and subscribe, i just realized that at the end of the vi…

Makeup Tut: (Request) From My Flat twist…Finally Vid.

Tutorials can be so helpful

This is the look I was wearing in my Flat twist…finally video. This look was very inexpensive. I used both of my Coastal Scents palettes; the 42 Color Matt…
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Sisterlock Style| Flat twist and bangs

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial

Sisterlock Style| Flat twist and bangs

Sorry for the long video, I tried to edit it as much as possibly. Also I apologize for all the background noises, my window was open :)nI forgot to come back…

Loc tutorial:Spiral Curls and 2 flat twists

I love tutorials

Howto use your spiral curls to create a quick and cute hairstyle.

Loc Tutorial: Flat twists and two curls

Who doesn’t love tutorials

Quick tutorial with flat twists, faux hawk and curls. Follow me: Instagram – Kattipillar Facebook – chaichefanpage Twitter:
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