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Loc Tutorial/How to Wash and Rinse Dreads

Are you down with this tutorial?

This is for my peeps who have asked how I wash my dreads. I have been doing this for 10 years my hair is healthy and this routine works for me. I hope this i…
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Dreadlock Journey 3 Sisterlocks vs Dreads

SO as you can see by now I have taken out my twist, giving my hair a little time to get longer, I really want sisterlocks vs twist.dreadlocks. WHich do you t…

Curls for dreads loc’s or twists Part 2-2

Tutorials can be so helpful

After having hair braided 24 hours, then un braid hair and the hair is curled.
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Styles for women with Loc’s, Twists, & Dreads when its Hot 2012

Here’s another tutorial

Styles for women with Loc's, Twists, & Dreads when its Hot 2012

First put hair into 4 sections then braid each set down then take the back 2 and tie together. Then take the 2 on the front and tie together.
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tips on skinny more natural looking dreads?


Question by caitlin g: tips on skinny more natural looking dreads?
so ive had dreadlocks in the past so please don’t tell me their a mistake. ive missed them since the day i took them out. and im positive that i want them again. ive done lots of research throughout the years.. know each technique and know how to do each technique.

my question is. and i have tried to contact her myself but i can’t seem to find her. Kelly Sherbaugh. she was on Survivor. she has very thin subtle dreads. does anyone know which technique she used? im guessing either twist and rip..or naturally. when i had my dreadlocks they were very thick and i love the look of thin ones because they are a lot more subtle and less…”in your face” i guess you can say.

also, im going to try and continue to hopefully find a myspace or someway of contacting her. i know she worked at a hair salon in cali but she left to traval. if anyone has knows her, or anything at all please help me out!! thank you =]

Best answer:

Answer by iriesoaringeagle
definitely can get them by natural (just seperate alot more into thin sections) mine are natural most were very thin a few semi thick i think it looks best a mix of sizes

or twist n rip its easy its fast its very much better then any other starting methid and least damaging

edit interlocking will cause dreadlocks to break righgt off worse thing u can do to dreads!

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How To Get My Dreads To Lock?


Question by numba1mic: How To Get My Dreads To Lock?
I recently about 2 or 3 weeks ago decided I was going to get dreads, I am African American black curly hair about 2 or 3 inches long. I got them twisted about a week ago using black beeswax, She would twist them then put a clip on the end she did half my head then ran out of clips, so she dried the back and removed the clips and finished twisting my head. When I got home I noticed some of the dreads in the back weren’t even twisted except for a little bit at the tip, and I noticed when I slept with my ducap on (basically pant hoes) that when I woke up the dreads in the back would be all flat in misshapen. I just got my dreads re twisted about 2 days ago using Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Gel Resistant. We didn’t have much time to dry my hair and couldn’t stay clipped long. I got home and today noticed that some of the dreads are flat and just have a little twist on the top. I re twisted and clipped and dried them. My question how do I avoid my dreads becoming smashed and misshapen and nappy in the back. Also I was running today and started sweating and my dreads in the back were sweaty how do I keep my sweat from washing my dreads out? How can I make them lock up faster? Any info you can give me is appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by shawnpearl
If your hair is curly, it’s hard to dread anyway. Your stylist did right by the way you explained -when you lay on them that’s what makes them flat- they usually puff up after couple of days-the thing is that you have to constantly get them done like every week before they get to the place where they will stay in place, then you put the clips on the roots of the dread as you get them done-don’t be scared to let her tangle and tease the hair up a bit while twisting.

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Question: Dreads, Locs, Twist!!! Help?


Question by OHwlfYESuxxxZ: Dreads, Locs, Twist!!! Help?
Ok so I just got my hair touched up and it was super by accident. I am currently thinking of getting locs, like Goapele. ( check google if you dont no what Im talking about) and I need to know everything if possible about getting them. I know I am going to have to grow out my perm and I am ready it might take almost a year or so, but when I am ready and It gets all natural what is the process for locs,? Anyone please help. Life altering decision here please lol. Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by adinkralove
Relaxed hair will not lock so you are right about having to grow out the perm. There are so many ways to lock your hair now days. You can start with twists, braids, comb coils or tool assisted locks.

I have Sister Locks and although I started with 6 inches of un-processed hair (no perm) you can start Sister Locks with permed ends. You just need about 1 1/2″ to 2″ of new growth. The permed ends are left loose and can me styled.

Since you’ve been thinking of getting locs for a while, why not get to know your natural hair while growing out the perm. After having perms for a while, it takes time for your scalp and hair to return to it’s natural/healthy state. There are a lot of style options you can try while growing out your perm.

Check out these sites:

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I love tutorials!/VintagedBeauty This Video is a 7th month Anniversary for my locs (SisterLocks) and what @Vi…
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Dreads, Dreadlocks, SisterLocks, interlocking tool

Here’s another tutorial tighter locs… without using messy oils, cremes, gels or hair damaging heat (hair dryer or blow dryer) dreads, how to start dre…
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What’s the diference between sister locks and dreads?.?


Question by calin w: What’s the diference between sister locks and dreads?.?

Best answer:

Answer by Black Widow Mollie
no clue

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