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Couture Locks UK reviews Taliah Waajid’s Black Earth Shampoo on sisterlocks

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial

Offering sisterlocks tm in London contact for a consultation.

Loc aka Wild Wild Weed – Black

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial

22 Month Sisterlock Update nicole is the new black

My sisterlocks are 22 months old. Awww. Just a small update and hormonal rant, bah.
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Sisterlock One Year Anniversary nicole is the new black

My sisterlocks are one year old. Yeah. Just me being silly and running my mouth.
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Loc tutorial/ Jamaican black castor oil Pt 2

Tutorials can be so helpful

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Do other races/ethnicities find the Afrocentric black women attractive? pics inside?


Question by conscious: Do other races/ethnicities find the Afrocentric black women attractive? pics inside?
I was just wondering if other races find Afrocentric black women attractive. I know in society it is popular to straighten your hair and to try to obtain a more European look, however you still have so black women that wear their natural hair and embrace their natural beauty.

Here are a few pics. if you don’t know what I’m talking about:

Do other races find this attractive?

(I’m not Afrocentric) This is just a question that i’ve been wondering about for a while. It seems only black and African men find these type of women attractive

P.S. I’m not making generalizations and I know it doesn’t matter what others think. I just want peoples opinions. Thanks!
@ Nine — I don’t know what other term to use because if i said Afro..that would be true for all and I natural can mean a number of things. Some people think “natural hair” means real hair but to me it means not relaxed or chemicall altered. So i used that term so that it would be clear as to what i was talking about.
Sure…black men can answer too!

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Answer by David M

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It’s All Good Hair: The Guide to Styling and Grooming Black Children’s Hair


It’s All Good Hair: The Guide to Styling and Grooming Black Children’s Hair

It's All Good Hair: The Guide to Styling and Grooming Black Children's Hair

What are you going to do with your children’s hair? Combing your daughter’s hair is giving you a headache and now your son is asking you for cornrows. Relax. Finally, there’s a lifeline for those who are desperately seeking help in styling their Black children’s hair. Learn the tricks and techniques for today’s most popular hairstyles with the easy-to-follow steps found in It’s All Good Hair. It features hair-care and styling tips from a variety of experts, and you’ll learn all the secrets to br

List Price: $ 12.99


Why are Black women ashamed of their natural hair?


Question by ~Wombyn Radiant Love~: Why are Black women ashamed of their natural hair?
I’ve come across A LOT of comments on Black women’s hair. I’m a Black woman so I’m going to speak on it and would appreciate feedback from people, Black, White, or otherwise.

Point blank, we live in a country that tells us that the standard of beauty is Eurocentric. Many people of color, grow up thinking their brown skin or kinky hair is “unmanageable,” “un professional,” “ugly.” They believe this because WAY back in slavery times, this was put in the head of our ancestors. Then, a Black woman invented the perm so Black women (and men back then) could “manage” their unruly hair.

Unfortunately, many sisters still believe this myth, that natural hair is unattractive, hard to manage and can’t be worn at work. These are all lies. The brainwashing has been passed down from generation to generation. If you want to perm your hair, fine more power to you, but do it cause you want to, not to rationalize by saying otherwise your “nappy” hair can’t be managed cause thats bullsh*t.
Also, remember God doesn’t make mistakes so if you were born with kinky hair, apparently, you were meant to have it.

Please not that this isn’t a bash perm hair post, rather, this is an empower natural hair post because Ive seen it dissed over and over again on this site.

I went natural 7 years ago and my hair has never been healtheir, softer, easier to manage. Perms burn the crap out of your scalp, it damages it, plain and simple. Take a look at older women who’ve been perming their hair for years, do you notice they dont have a HAIRLINE? The perm has burned it off.

Indeed, we all are entitled to wear our hair however the heck we want to, but it would be nice that the same way if you have a perm, you’d wish people would respect your choice, the same should be given to sisters who prefer wearing their hair the way the Divine gave it to them.

Offense taken. Saying natural hair looks like bugs are in it, IS offensive. Whoever you see that their hair is so tangled that it looks like bugs are in it, needs to comb their hair. However, I have never seen someone with natural hair that has their hair looking like that so I figure you are making it up to be “funny.” Sorry, didn’t laugh, but you got your 2 points so thats all that matters right!
Thanks for all the great feedback everyone. It is also a myth that we can’t wear our hair natural when going in an interview. Ive worn my hair natural and gotten hired.

Natural doesn’t automatically mean a fro. We can do SO MUCH more with our hair. I twist my hair up at night and when I wake up, simply finger out the twists and my hair is curly. People of all races come up to me and say ooo your hair is so curly, it look soft, can I touch it?

WTF? I am not some animal in a zoo to be petted. But that is how uncommon natural hair is that when they see someone with natural hair, they want to “touch” it like its some great phenomenon..LOL, I simply laugh and walk away.

But J you said it, it is sad that if folks wear their natural hair it is automatically assumed we are “protesting” something when in FACT, its the exact opposite, we are EMBRACING our God given features.

Eh, onward and upward:)
Mothra-actually Im not ashamed to use the word nappy because many Black women embrace that word and use it reguarly. Did I not put “nappy” in quotes? That means others use that word to describe the hair, not me.

If you noticed, I say kinky, I prefer that word, I don’t use nappy, but many friends do, that is their choice. Imus has no relevance to what Black women can or can not say with regards to their own hair. When HE used the word, it was in a derogatory sentece and an attempt to demean. Doesn’t mean the word is demeaning, it means that he used it in a demeaning way.

Make sense?
Sorry for writing a friggin dissertation here, I wish I could comment directly under each of your responses so this question wouldn’t be soooo long.

Basically, I wanted to say to the women that spoke of biracial hair, indeed, I have heard stories of parents trying to “manage” their kids hair. The key is what you use to comb, brush and moisturize. People with kinky/curly hair can’t use the same products in their hair that permed folks use. Natural hair needs MOISTURE, water has become my best friend:) I also use products that are tailored for my natural hair. I have an extensive list of hair care websites for Black women and Biracial women, feel free to email me if you’d like the list.

Also, check out where sisters with natural hair or those who are thinking of trainsitioning back to their natural hair, come together to talk, ask questions, offer hair care tips and discuss politics, culture and every other topic under imaginable.
Ah, I was wondering when someone would say it “good” hair. Another term white people used to describe their hair and Black hair wasn’t “good.” Then Black folks adopted the myth among each other, good vs bad hair. If a Black person had straight or curly hair like a White person, it was “good” and anything else was “bad.” Can we please get the shackles off our brains for a minute?

LOL, all of our hair is GOOD. You just have to know how to take care of your hair. Perms don’t stregthen or moisturize the hair, they damage it, period, its a chemical that burns your dang hair. Regardless of how hot or cold it is, natural hair can still be worn without sweating out all over the dang place. Natural hair can be put up ya know.

Regarding why Black folks don’t wash their hair everyday, our hair isn’t extra oily , so it can go longer without being washed. If we washed our hair everyday, yes, it would dry it out and look crazy. I wash and deep condition my my hair once a week.
babeedoll–AMMMMMENNNN SIS. You have summed it all up and then some. That is exactly what needs to be said and heard.

Congrats on embracing your natural self sis!
stylist chic – I agree sis, yes ma’am CHANGING THE MENTALITY ABOUT WHY is the key. I already stated people can do whatever the heck they want to do with their hair, just KNOW why you are doing it.

Are you straightening your hair because you enjoy thats just the hairstyle you like OR are you doing it cause its been ingrained in your head since you were born that your “natural” hair is unattractive.
chaz – actually this isn’t a debate of any kind. I asked a question and welcomed all opinions. A requirement wasn’t YOU MUST AGREE WITH WHAT I SAY. Last time I checked, the same way we are free to wear our hair anyway we want, we are also free to state our opinions freely. You agreeing with it or liking it, isn’t a concern of mine or reason why I wrote my question. My opinion is still that, mine an I’ll express it freely. Same as you will.

have a good day:)
LOL @ Sam D, brotha, check yourself. YES I wore my hair natural to my job interview and to the last several interviews Ive had since Ive been natural. At my job YES I wear afro puffs. Do you know how ignorant you sound telling me that I’m militant because I enjoy my natural hair. You just confirmed the ignorance of many White people who ASSume the same thing, just because Im natural and have an opinion, oh golly gee, I must be militant.

Get over yourself. Are you that upset because I didn’t agree with your post? It will be okay, really it will:)

Best answer:

Answer by penydred
I think it the pressure of white culture bearing down them….

as it always has….

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Loc Tut.: Request from Black Barbie Video

Youtube is usually a good place to find hairstyles for sisterlocks. Watch this tutorial

Besides my “World’s fastest French Roll” video, this is the easiest look ever. All you need is a few rubber bands and some hair pins a viola, fabulousness. :0)
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Im a black women and I want to grow my hair out natural but I dont know how to go about it the correct way?


Question by tinytanyabrown: Im a black women and I want to grow my hair out natural but I dont know how to go about it the correct way?
I’ve been wanting to to this for some time now and someone told me now is the best time because I’m pregnant but I just dont know how exactly to do it!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by earthtaboo_2000
if you are in the process of coming out of a perm, let it grow out, if you don’t want to deal with it at that stage, braid it up, naturally or with hair added it doesn’t matter.. whenever you get a significant amount of new growth cut the processed hair off, and that will help it grow faster as well because you technically clipped your ends, or you could just go old school and shave your head bald, rock a baldie, or invest in head raps…..

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