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Two weeks after my retightening

Just giving you guys an update of my hair after about two weeks without washing it yet.
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Sisterlocks ReTightening Frustration

So this was made in July right before I moved to Wyoming and after the retightening class. I just needed to vent and wanted to show you guys a down moment in…


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Sisterlocks Retightening Part II.m4v

Sisterlocks Sisterlocks retightening Retightening tool.
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Sisterlocks Vlog #30: Last Retightening of the Year

Who doesn’t love tutorials

An update from my last Sisterlocks Retightening appointment and also my first experience swimming with Sisterlocks. [blog] [tumblr] …

Week 5 Sisterlock’d UPDATE: BEFORE 1st Retightening!

Week 5 Sisterlock'd UPDATE: BEFORE 1st Retightening!

MsKhandiGurl’s webcam video Feb 19, 2011, 11:56 AM This video is to show ALL the newgrowth of my Sisterlocks at 5 weeks BEFORE I get my 1st retightening TODA…
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Sisterlocks Vlog #8: 1st Retightening & Update

I am still lovin’ my Sisterlocks to the fullest!! I got my first retightening on November 21st and it took a total of 6 hours. [blog]…
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Sisterlocks Retightening

Youtube is usually a good place to find hairstyles for sisterlocks. Watch this tutorial

Sisterlocks Retightening

This video shows how you can retighten Sisterlocks, micro locs or traditional locs using interlocking. Why my first Sisterlocks Retightening video got shut d…

Sisterlocks, retightening and New Growth

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial

Talking about new growth.
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4 year SisterLocks Journey with Picture Images Photos and Video – Grooming and Retightening Phyllis Johnson, the Video Locktician, shares with you pictures photos images and live video of a 4 year journey with Sisterlocks….
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