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six month lock update

My daughters and I just completed my retighten.
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Sister lock twist-out

Just did a twist-out and wanted to share.

Dealing with Lock Slippage

Check out my blog at This video briefly discusses what slippage is, how to prevent it and shows you a method of braiding and b…

Lock Knots Style

Tutorials can be so helpful

I’m still learning how to focus my new camera correctly, so forgive the fact that the vid isn’t as clear as it could be, sorry about that guys lol. Oh and I’…
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Sisterlocks Journey: First Wash and Lock Counting

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial

I washed my hair and counted my locks. WATCH FOR RESULTS!! 🙂
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Moisturizing Lock Vlog Numero Dos

I love tutorials

Moisturizing Lock Vlog Numero Dos

And with the winter months coming and all the dry heat indoors, all of our locs will appreciate the extra moisture! Please let me know how this works for you…
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Two strand twist one month lock update. Dreads, sister lock

my one month mini two strand twist update yay!
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Perfect Winter Lock Coil Hairstyle

Here’s an interesting tutorial

Howto create a perfect winter hairstyle out of your protective hairstyles. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!!! IT’S FREE ****************************************************…

Lock loops with sisterlocs

I created this video at
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Lock Loops

Song by Alicia Keys: How it feels to fly Facebook Group: My lock loops results. I defininetly like …
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