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From Sisterlocks to Dreadlocks Part I

This a vid that discusses my transition from having Sisterlocks to Dreadlocks and my observations throughout my locking process. This is Part I of 2 parts si…
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How To Style SisterLocks Dreadlocks Natural Hair & Locs #1…Learn Quick Styling Tips for your locks locs sisterlocks and dreadlocks.
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SisterLocks Dreadlocks Loc Grooming & Maintenance called “Dry Conditioning” Part 1of 3

SisterLocks Dreadlock Loc Grooming & Maintenance called “Dry Conditioning” Part 3.

How To Shampoo / Wash Dreadlocks Sisterlocks Locks w/Soul Purpose Easy conditioning techniques for long dreadlocks, sisterlocks, dreads, locs and natural hair. The Video Locktic…
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Loc Tutorial: How To Wash Your Locs / Dreadlocks Step by Step

Who doesn’t love tutorials

This is a step by step tutorial to show you how to wash your locs. You get to go through the process I use when washing my locs. Dont forget to subscribe.
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SisterLocks Dreadlocks Loc Grooming & Maintenance called “Dry Conditioning” Part 2 of 3

SisterLocks Dreadlocks Loc Grooming & Maintenance called Phyllis Johnson shows a maintenance and grooming technique for Sisterlocks dreadlocks and locs called “Dry Conditioning”

How To Start And Add Dreadlocks On Relaxed Or Straight Hair With Extension Hair And No Messy Gels

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial Get yourself a Loc Soc at the website. They are great during exercising, sleeping and warm weather! Don’t worry if you have…
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Jewelry & Adornments For Your Dreadlocks Sisterlocks Locks Locs – Eye catching hand crafted jewelry & adornments for your locks. Guaranteed to turn heads and elicit compliment…

Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks

Im on my way to becoming a Natural diva.
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Dreadlocks: Simple Loc Styles In 5-10 Minutes

Who doesn’t love tutorials

Quick Loc Styles for work or going out!
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