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Loc Braid Bun Tutorial

Here’s another tutorial

Again helloooo Youtubies!!!! This is a simple loc bun tutorial…the hairstyle can be worn dressed up or down. I especially love it because it helps with kee…
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Loc updo/ pin up using basket weave/ french braid (Part 3)

Here’s an interesting tutorial

Great for special occasions. A bun with a special twist.
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loc style-fishbone braid revised

I’m grateful for tutorials

a retake of the last fishbone braid with better lighting 🙂

Result of Braid and Twistout style

Braid out on sisterlocks #1

Who doesn’t love tutorials

I dampened my locks with water then braided it in about 30 braids. Then I put rods on the ends to curl it a little….. Let it dry see second video to see re…
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Sisterlocks Side Braid 3

Tutorials can be so helpful

Another side braid. Hair is finger brushed to preferred side with part (or no part if you want). A slanted section of hair is partitioned. A three stranded b…
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HOTD-funky zipper braid updo

Who doesn’t love tutorials

I did a zipper braid going into an updo Zipper braid- Instagram- smileywitdalocs earrings http://w…

Loc Yarn Braid- Barrel twist hairstyle

Here’s another tutorial

Just wanted to do a style and try doing barrel twists with my yarn braids… let me know what you think and i might make a vid on it…. ThXX!!

Loc updo/pin up using Basket Weave/ French Braid (Part 2)

Watch this loc hairstyle tutorial

Check out part 1 to learn how to do the front.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wearing out my SISTERLOCKS!!!…Tucked and inverted BRAID!!

Here’s another tutorial

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