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#166 Waiting on food at McDonald’s after my workout =)

#166 Waiting on food at McDonald's after my workout =)

Gym then Mickey D’s.
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Two weeks after my retightening

Just giving you guys an update of my hair after about two weeks without washing it yet.
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Sisterlocks Vlog #41: Results After First Grooming

Here’s another tutorial

After completing the Sisterlocksā„¢ I realized that I had to repair my Sisterlocks to get them more uniform and stronger. My first step in the repair was remov…
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Sisterlocks: retighten after 6 weeks

Here’s another tutorial

Sisterlocks retin Suitland maryland

The “Aftermath”: Day after 1st Sisterlocks washing & ACV Rinse results!

Who doesn’t love tutorials

MsKhandiGurl’s webcam video January 23, 2011, 06:49 AM This video is to show & discuss the results of my 1st washing of my Sisterlocks along with the use of …

My Sisterlocks after a Week

Still loving my Locks!! So happy I made the investment!

Sisterlocks Vlog #28: Before & After Sisterlocks at 13 Months

a look at my Sisterlocks before my retightening appointment and then how they look after the retightening. also a few tips from my Sisterlock consultant. [bl…

Naturally Mine – Before and After Retigtening Side By Side (Sisterlocks)

Naturally Mine – Before and After Retigtening.
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Sisterlocks: retighten after 6 weeks

Sisterlocks retighten.
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Quick loc tutorial! stlyes to try after your curls drop!

Who doesn’t love tutorials

the title says it all šŸ˜‰
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