Question: Number of Dreadlocs!?


Question by CaramelBabi: Number of Dreadlocs!?
Hi, I’m about to get dreadlocs for the first time this weekend and they are going to be small. My question is how do you determine how many dreadlocs you want. I mean I’ve heard people say that they have 145 or some up to 400. I was wondering how do you get that many locs? Is it because of smaller parts or what?

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Answer by Susan
Yes, you are correct. The smaller the parts in your hair, the smaller your locs will be. The locking process called Sisterlocks is an example of very small locs, 400 is not uncommon for this type of locking process. Often, small numbers of hair strands are used to start the locs. Other locs, that are done by twisting or braiding are often larger (larger parts in the hair), while freeform locs (letting your hair do it’s own thing) tend to be very large.

I would not worry about the number of locs to get. I would just focus on what size locs I want, and let the locktician do what he/she does. Find some photos online or in a magazine, and show it to your locktician and they can help you out.

By the way, I think you’re going to love your new locs!!!

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