Natural Hair in Corporate America?


Question by ~Ladii Emm~: Natural Hair in Corporate America?

I am currently a third year business student, and I plan to attain my MBA and work in corporate America. My issue is, I currently have natural hair. I abhor straightening chemicals,and I have very sensitive skin, to the point where weaves irritate me.

My question is, do you think that natural hair (locks, twists, etc) will hold me back in the workplace? I have recently considered dreads, but I don’t know if i will hold to that option. If i did, I would get Sisterlocks (pic below) because they are neater and look more like micros than locks, or will that even matter?

I just don’t want to be looked over because of my hair. My mom says that when I interview with a company, I will probably have to wear a wig until I get the job. Is this true as well?

I’m just looking for some real answers to real questions about Corporate America.

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